These shelves have provided me with more personal joy than I could ever have anticipated!  My cat is super cute, but these shelves somehow magnify her cuteness tenfold.  I'll pass by the bedroom and look over and, BAM!  It's the cat doing something crazy cute on the shelf!  

Some cats are "tree cats" and some are "bush cats".  My cat is a tree cat and loves to be up high, looking down at us with imperious contempt.  She now spends most of the day on these shelves and it's really great for when people come over since she feels like she can get up high to escape any unwanted affections brought on by her ridiculous cuteness.  ANYWAY...  this is my shelf and I love it.

Please note that my cat weighs 7 lbs so she's tiny.  The shelf, as is, should work with cats up to 10 lbs, but if you have a big cat and a big printer, you can just scale the file up as large as you need.  Included in the download is a hollow version with 3mm walls which can be scaled up without increasing material use by too much.  

Also, you will need to get some carpet of your choice and adhere it to the top of the shelf. Bath mats also work well, or you can get smaller pieces of carpet, or carpet samples from hardware stores.  To adhere it in place, you can use actual carpet tape, or 3M foam strips, or whatever you have lying around-- it won't need a ton of sticking power since the shelf is designed with a recessed area for the carpet, it just needs something to keep it from sliding around. Once the shelf is mounted, you can fill the screw holes with white silicone caulk. And while you're at it, you might as well squeeze a some caulk between the shelf and the wall to make it ultra-sturdy.  


What's Included in the Download?

  • STL file for 3D printing as one whole piece
  • Split STL files for printing it in two piece because who has a machine that big amirite?

License Agreement *
Oh, hey, before you get the download, you'll need to agree to the terms of the Creative Commons License which can be found at the URL below. Basically you promise not to make money off the stuff I give you, and you promise to give ol' #Micahbot a shout-out if you make or remix something.