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Let's Make Stuff.


I'm Micah Ganske and I like to make stuff.  For most of my adult life I focused on making fine-art. You know, stuff to be shown in galleries and bought by rich people. The thing is, I don't like making the same stuff over and over again, and I'm really sick of only selling stuff to rich people.

This website is a platform for me to continue making art, as well as less artsy stuff, with the goal of giving the files away for free. Everything I make from now on, will be available for download so that anyone with a 3D or 2D printer can make it for themselves.  

If someone just wants to buy something, I have them covered as well. Anything bought will be manufactured, on-demand using the highest-end 3D-printers at Shapeways. Shapeways handles the production, shipment and billing so that I can focus solely on creating more stuff.  Prices are higher than what you'd pay for a mass-produced object from a traditional retail shop, but they're also a whole lot cheaper than if I were selling this stuff in a gallery.  

The point of this endeavor is that technology has made it possible to democratize the worlds of art and design, and this is my contribution to help that process along. 


If you're curious about my fine-art work, you can check it all out at